5th-6th grade

5th and 6th graders is a strange time in a child's development.  They are too old to relate to a kindergartener, but too young to relate to an 8th grader.  They need a place where they can belong and form relationships before they enter into youth ministry.

Hwy 56

5th and 6th graders are going places.  At HWY 56, we want to help direct them to places where they discover the Gospel of Jesus Christ and affect the world with the Gospel. HWY 56 accomplishes this by involving them in missions, character development, and group building activities.

HWY 56 meets during 10 week quarters on Sunday nights from 5:15pm-6:30pm.

During the Spring 2017 HWY 56 is playing golf.  Each week students are learning the rules, how to play, and life lessons golf teaches every player.